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I am an applied theorist. My interests lie at the intersection of information economics and asset pricing.

Papers. Just Papers. You know, my papers. Business papers.

Published and Forthcoming

  1. A Theory of Financial Media
    with Eitan Goldman and Jan Schneemier
    Forthcoming at the Journal of Financial Economics

  2. Ratings and Cooperative Information Transmission [Code]
    with Edward Van Wesep and Robert Van Wesep
    Forthcoming at Management Science

  3. Learning by Owning in a Lemons Market [Code]
    with Brian Waters and Kenneth Mirkin
    Forthcoming at the Journal of Finance

  4. Quality, Price, and Time-on-Market
    Economics Letters, 171: 97-101, 2018.

Working Papers

  1. Appraisal Constrained Asset Prices [Code] [Data]
    with Edward Van Wesep
    Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Finance

  2. Market Sentiment, Information Production, and Reporting Quality
    with Hui Chen and Jan Schneemier

  3. Internal Finance in Customer Owned Firms